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Put your data to work. We combine cutting edge technology with big data know-how
to help you flourish.

About Us

Rather than simply providing a technology platform, we wanted to work collaboratively
with companies to solve their challenges end-to-end, using best-in-class data analytics.


We truly believe in the power of big data analytics. We know that it can be a game changer but also a complex beast. We know the daunting struggles of figuring out where to start and also the scariness of scaling up.

Most big data companies provide one piece of the analytics puzzle, be it the infrastructure, technology, people, or data science models - we focus on bundling all of the above into a cohesive solution to solve your specific business challenge effectively, efficiently and economically.

Having scaled, started, and advised big data analytics roll outs at Fortune 500 firms as well as small/medium businesses, Zyudly Labs’s leadership team comes with years of experience to help you succeed.

Meet the Founders

A big data veteran, a business developer, and a technologist walk into a bar...

Vivek A Ganesan

Vivek A Ganesan

Co-Founder & CEO

Vivek is a seasoned technologist with a strong background in big data and analytics. He has worked in applying Big Data and Analytics to deliver business value in the Financial Services, Retail, and IT Operations domains. When he is not working on Zyudly Labs or sipping on chai musing about the future of technology, he can usually be found either on the golf course or sailing. He dabbles in a bit of travel writing and is an avid reader as well.

Suhas Ghante

Suhas Ghante

Co-Founder & COO

Suhas comes from a diverse background in software engineering, technology, analytics, and strategy consulting. Prior to Zyudly Labs, Suhas led partnerships for a fast growing analytics startup, held roles at multiple consulting firms, and cut his teeth at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Suhas received a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland. An East Coast (DC) transplant to San Francisco, Suhas is an avid road cyclist, an aspiring cook, and a floundering long distance runner.

Prasath Venkatramanan

Prasath Venkatramanan

Co-Founder & VP Engineering

Prasath brings a wide range of experience in Big Data & Analytics Applications. Having played key engineering roles at Akamai & Flipkart as well as having been the founding engineer at Milaap.org, India’s largest social lending platform, Prasath is experienced in forming, scaling, and leading technology teams. Outside and inside the office, he’s known as a die-hard health & fitness freak who spends any leisure time he gets working out.

Company Info & Press Kit

Interested in learning more about Zyudly Labs? Download our press kit which
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The Word "Zyudly"

Züdlĕ? Ziüdlə? Nope, just “Zoo-dlee”

Zyudly Labs Logo

“Zyud” means fast in several languages. We are all about enabling rapid insights and agile
data science. Hence, Zyudly. We adopted “Labs” to our company name
to reflect the fact that we are tinkerers at heart.

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