About Us

About Us


Zyudly labs is a cyber security startup that is disrupting the cloud security market with its cloud assurance platform (ZCAP) ™ and associated solutions an services.



Vivek A Ganesan

Co-Founder & CEO

Vivek is a seasoned technologist with a strong background in big data and analytics. He has worked in applying Big Data and Analytics to deliver business value in the Financial Services, Retail, and IT Operations domains. When he is not working on Zyudly Labs or sipping on chai musing about the future of technology, he can usually be found either on the golf course or sailing. He dabbles in a bit of travel writing and is an avid reader as well..




Saravanan Samidurai is a technologist and a passionate product specalist with a decade of experience in building disruptive products and services


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Visit Us

Whether you’d like to learn more about us, see a demo, partner up,or simply say hello or visit us below:

Address: 350 Cambridge Avenue,
Suite 250 Palo Alto, CA 94306
Phone: Email:hello@zyudlylabs.com

Address: No.5,Joshmans Tower,,
MC Nicholas Road, Chennai 600031
Phone:044-8611157 Email: hello@zyudlylabs.com