Agile Data Science at Big Data

Our analytics-ready Big Data Platform accelerates the process of data-driven innovation by
automating the key steps of data science and analytics.

Agile Data Science Platform

Our technology platform automates the tedious and time-consuming tasks of raw
data ingest, data validation, data normalization, and metadata discovery and
enables rapid data science.


Agile Data Science

Utilize the many automation features of our Analytics-Aware Data Platform

Accelerated Analytics

Leverage the rich set of analytics modules in our platform for rapid analytics delivery

Integrated Data Lake Management

Our data platform provides powerful data lake management capabilities for enterprise analytics


Collaborate with data architects, data stewards, data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists using our social features

Enterprise-grade security

Our platform provides enterprise-grade encryption modules, data lineage, data governance, and secure audit capabilities


Scale to PBs of data and hundreds of data sources by leveraging our proven Big Data Analytics scaling models.

Rapid Innovation Powered by Data Analytics

We pride ourselves in providing businesses with best-in-class technology and
the latest big data engineering stack to enable them to rapidly innovate.

Provide your business with the freedom and autonomy it needs
to explore new solutions to age-old business problems.
Unleash the creativity of your employees by giving them the tools,
resources, and support they need to innovate.
Foster a sense of intrapreneurship - welcome bold thinking, pivots,
and a true startup mentality within your organization.
Provde data-driven business models for everyone, not just those
that can code.

Expect to be delighted

Our data analytics platform makes it super simple to start getting business value out of your data



Hundreds of connectors to valuable structured & unstructured business data.



Validate unstructured data using metadata, business rules, and automated validation algorithms.

Data Pipeline Management

Data Pipeline Management

Manage your end-to-end data pipeline including collection, validation, aggregation, and storage.



Use our powerful analytics features to explore, query, and visualize data sets.



Build advanced data science models using our rich set of learning libraries for time-series, text analytics, deep learning and more.



Collaborate with other analysts and data scientists to leverage community know-how and institutional knowledge.

Our Stack

Our platform uses the latest and greatest from the Hadoop ecosystem and
follows a completely open-source model. Meaning you are ensured of staying at the
cutting edge of technology.

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