Seamless Mobile Analytics

No longer an afterthought, analytics is a must have to track, engage,
and optimize the entire mobile lifecycle.


Mobile is its own breed, shouldn’t it get its own data
analytics to suit?

We combine data science, a true big data platform, and advanced analytics to
provide a focused solution for the mobile industry.

Conduct funnel analysis to figure
out where you are losing

Use our real-time analytics engine to provide up-to-date analytics for mobile API and app usage

Improve retention by figuring out
what makes a customer

Create data-backed user profiles to
better target ads and premium

Segment customers into
demographics & geographies

Understand ALL your metrics:
business, performance, and

Improve monetization

Visualize insights on beautiful

51 %

Percent online time
spent on mobile

80 %

Internet users who
own a smart phone

151 M

Total audience in 2015
for mobile entertainment


Mobile gamers in the
US for 2018


Enhance operational visibility, improve user experiences,
and increase revenue per user

Our comprehensive mobile analytics solution integrates Big Data, Predictive
Analytics, and Mobile Application domain expertise to help you better understand
and engage your mobile users.

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Mobile platforms come with immense amounts of data and API feeds – we take these valuable inputs and help you track not only how your users behave, but also how your app performs, as well as associated business metrics.

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While other solutions simply provide dashboards and leave the heavy data science lifting to you, we go the extra mile and and build data science models for you to help optimize the mobile experience.

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Users are extremely valuable, some more than others. Acquire more valuable customers and provide enhanced ad targeting & in-app purchase offers through our real-time recommendation capabilities.

Would you like to see our Mobile Analytics solution
in action?

We provide rapid proof of concept projects that showcase the power of our
platform and our advanced analytics capability. Contact us to show you what
we can do.

our secret source

Invaluable insights, unconventional methods

Our solution brings together extra-ordinary data analytics prowess and TRUE
real-time capabilities to help you better track, optimize, and monetize your users.


You have a lot of data, even if you don’t know it

Whether you are already at Big Data levels or working your way up from small and medium data, we will help you realize insights and make data-driven decisions. Our underlying platform is flexible enough to start adding value to your business from Day 1.

Mobile Analytics for the Entire Lifecycle

We won’t name names, but we know there are plenty of mobile analytics solutions out there. However, most of them typically solve for just one piece of the puzzle – our solution is purpose built for the entire lifecycle from user acquisition to retention to engagement, and monetization.


Advanced user behavior analytics and
targeting in real-time

We provide the next-generation mobile analytics solution for User Behavior Analytics and
User Targeting. Our machine learning models and real-time ad targeting systems
significantly drive up user engagement and mobile ad revenue yield.

Engage: User attention
Leverage the power of big data to figure the best ways and
times to interact with your users.
Predict:User Wants
Our machine learning algorithms help you accurately predict
user behavior so you can give your users what they want when
they want it.
Act: Ad Targeting
Increase your mobile ad revenue by targeting the right users
at the right time based on our analytical model outputs.
Retain: User Preservation
Reduce churn, upsell existing users, create user profiles to figure
out what makes them leave.

We are your one-stop solution for User Behavior
Analytics and Ad Targeting for Mobile

We provide a comprehensive analytics solution for User Behavior Analytics and Ad Targeting.
Give your teams the capability to track, optimize, and monetize your users through the power of
big data analytics.