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No other industry is undergoing as profound changes as Retail. See how we use the power of big
data analytics to help you lead innovation.

Redefining Retail

As an industry, retail is being redefined by the likes of e-commerce players who are forcing
traditional retailers to dive into newer business models such as BOPIS and SFS. Explore our
analytics platform to see how you can keep up with the rapid changes by using multi-channel
consumer analytics, product intelligence, and real-time offers and recommendations.

Customer Acquisition

Gaining customers used to be simple, more stores + more ads = more customers. The equation is fundamentally changing

Customer Retention

Keeping customers also used to be simple, but with the proliferation of shopping choices, customers have less reason to return

Customer Engagement

Social networking apps are so 2015, messaging apps have more active monthly users – how do you keep customers engaged in this new environment


Omnichannel is becoming so commonplace, there is little need to differentiate from standard retail

Deliver Delightful Shopping Experiences

In the era of the connected consumer, it is imperative that the consumer's behavior in all
channels be integral to their shopping experience. Zyudly Labs helps retail companies with
multi-channel consumer analytics and product intelligence to deliver a truly delightful shopping

Customer Analytics
Understand your consumers across all channels. We offer audience segmentation, audience 360, and audience engagement predictive models.
Real-time offers and coupons. Our real-time analytics engine makes relevant and timely suggestions for offers and coupons.
Mobile Analytics
Mobile makes up more than 40% of online shopping. We offer advanced user behavior models to understand and predict user behavior in apps.
Real-time mobile offers and coupons. We can also apply our advanced user behavior models to give locale-specific, timely, targeted offers to users.

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Advanced Consumer Analytics and Product
Intelligence in Real-Time

Our cutting-edge analytics platform helps you collect data and learn more about your customers
which translates to higher engagement and monetization opportunities.

Get new customers, keep old ones

Every customer is different, figure out what makes them tick. Our advanced analytics platform comes with numerous connectors to data sources to collect valuable consumer and product data in to a single Big Data Analytics Platform. This enables powerful multi-channel consumer analytics and product intelligence to help you acquire and retain customers – among other things.


Give your customers what they want when they want it

Powerfully engage your consumers by recommending the right product or offer at the right time. Our customer segmentation, based on user behavior and preference analytics, provides accurate and relevant real-time offer recommendations. For the mobile shopping experience, we offer real-time ad targeting solutions based on user behavioral models.

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