Take charge of your Audience

These days, audiences are asking for more and more content, tailored to their ever changing
wants. Use the power of big data analytics to better understand your audience, predict content
development, and provide real-time recommendations.

Innovating Media and Entertainment

The M&E ecosystem is moving away from a content-based model to one in which the consumer
is fully in charge. From what they watch, to when they watch, to how they watch, consumers
have never been in more control. To succeed, M&E companies must use the power of big data
analytics to not only understand, but predict their consumer’s wants.


Keep up with the new market
dynamics of OTT


Consumer consumption boils
down to the 3 Ws


Get consumers to stick
around longer


“Produce it and they will come”
- famous last words of many

Deliver Engaging Experiences

Consumers these days are abound with choices – growing a valuable audience base is only
sustainable by providing an engaging audience experience. M&E companies can deliver this
experience by truly understanding their audience. Zyudly Labs helps M&E companies with
powerful multi-channel audience analytics and content intelligence.

Audience Analytics
Engage and retain your audience. We offer audience
segmentation, audience 360, and audience engagement
predictive models.
Real-time recommendation. Our real-time analytics engine
provides relevent and timely content & offer recommendations.
Behavior Analytics & Advanced Targeting
Understand user behavior. We offer advanced user behavior
models to not only understand but predict user behavior.
Real-time ad targeting. Apply our advanced user behavior models to give timely, targeted ads to increase ad revenue.

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Who Makes Up Your Audience? How Engaged Are They?
What Do They Want Next?

Our comprehensive audience and content intelligence platform integrates Big Data, Predictive
Analytics, and Media Domain expertise to help you answer these questions with data.

What makes your audience tick?

Collect valuable audience and content metadata in a single Big Data Analytics Platform enabling powerful multi-channel audience analytics and content intelligence. With so many data sources, it can become difficult to know what to keep, what’s valuable, and how to keep track of it all. Our platform comes with hundreds of data connectors to help paint an accurate picture of your audience’s profile.


Increase revenue per consumer, figure out who your truly valuable consumers are

Bored audiences are not revenue generating audiences – ensure you are providing to the needs and wants of your audience at the right time with our solution. Our audience segmentation is based on content metadata and preference analytics which provides for accurate and relevant real-time content recommendations while also, offering real-time ad targeting based on user behavioral models.

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advanced analytics capability. Contact us to show you what we can can do.

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