Security & Intelligence for the Financial Services Industry

We enable you to provide a secure, intelligent, and premium banking experience.

Powering the Financial Revolution

The Financial Services Industry is undergoing massive changes. Startups are forcing traditional
institutions to upend tried-and-true business models. Our analytics platform will show you how
to innovate using multi-channel customer analytics,
cybersecurity, and the latest in real-time rules, alerts, and notifications.

Improve Customer Sentiment

Your customers are your lifeblood, ensure you take care of them

Fight cyber crime

Don’t let data breaches take down your business reputation

Stay ahead of regulators

Compliance, governance, risk monitoring - here to stay

Innovate business models

FinServ is fast becoming a breed of technology

Secure, Premium Banking Experience

In the era of the connected consumer, it is imperative that the consumer's behavior in all
channels be integrated to their banking experience. And of course, security is always paramount
when it comes to customer data. Zyudly Labs helps Financial Services companies develop
multi-channel consumer analytics and cyber intelligence to deliver a truly premium, secure
banking experience.

Customer Analytics
Understand your consumers across all channels.We offer customer 360, customer segmentation, and customer purchase propensity models.
Real-time offers and coupons. Our real-time analytics engine makes relevant and timely suggestions for offers and packages.
Needless to say, cyber threats are on the rise in Financial Services. We offer advanced user behavior models to understand and predict malicious behavior.
Real-time ad targeting. We apply advanced user behavior models to generate alerts and notifications based on the severity of security incidents.

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Advanced Cybersecurity and Consumer Analytics
in Real-Time

Our cutting-edge analytics platform integrates Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Financial
Services Domain expertise to help you better understand and secure your customers.

Stay in tune with your customers and ahead of threats

Our advanced analytics platform comes with numerous connectors to data sources to collect valuable customer and threat data into a single Big Data Analytics Platform. This enables powerful multi-channel consumer analytics and threat intelligence.


Premium banking: secure, engaged, powerful

Recommend the right product or offer at the right time. Keep customers engaged and part of something special. At the same time, ensure their security through our adversarial machine learning models that accurately predict security incidents and also provide real-time alerts and notifications.

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provide a more secure banking environment?

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our advanced analytics capability. Contact us to show you what we can can do.

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