Declare war on data breaches

Meet the next-generation of Cybersecurity powered by Big data and adversarial Machine
Learning that provides comprehensive threat intelligence,real-time breach detection,and
automated remediation measures.


The Complete Cybersecurity Analytics and Threat
Intelligence Solution

AudLogic combines cutting-edge threat intelligence with advanced adversarial
machine learning to provide real-time breach detection and prescriptive

Comprehensive Threat
Intelligence with an exhaustive
feed list

Custom rules engine with the
option to import rulesets from
popular solutions

Real-time in-situ breach
detection with real-time alerts
and notifications

Prescriptive Analytics for
remediation with automated

Built on a TRUE Big Data
platform using Hadoop, Spark,
Solar, and HBase

Adversarial analytics and
machine learning in Hadoop

Best-in-breed diagnostics using
a domain-specific query

Beautiful dashboards and
self-serve reports for incident

90 M

Security Incidents per


Data Breaches
in 2015

$ 6.5 M

Average cost of
a breach


Annual increase
in Incidents


Arm your SOC with Cybersecurity Intelligence

Our comprehensive Cyber Intelligence platform integrates Big data, Predictive Analytics,
and Security Domain expertise to provide a Data-Driven Cyber Intelligence and Defense solution

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Our cyber intelligence platform provides one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence solutions in the market. We apply machine learning to your existing security event and incident response data to build sophisticated learning models that diagnose attack surfaces and threat vectors unique to your business&operating environment.

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AudLogic is built on a TRUE big data platform that provides real-time event data analytics to power alerts, notifications, and actions. We apply powerful learning models in real-time to detect breaches and attacks in progress and provide alerts and notifications to relevant stakeholders. AudLogic integrates with your existing SIEMs and works seamlessly with your current SOC workflows.

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AudLogic provides prescriptive analytics for automated response and remediation measures. Use the power of analytics to implement data-driven defense. Defensive actions can be monitored and controlled with either rule-based scripting or fully data driven.

Would you like to better secure your environment?

We provide rapid proof of concept projects that showcase the power of our platform and our
advanced analytics capabilities. Contact us to show you what we can do.

our secret sauce

Analytics + Big Data + Cyber Intelligence =
Data Driven Defense

AudLogic combines our deep domain expertise in Cybersecurity with our
cutting-edge big data analytics platform to provide the future of cybersecurity:
Data-Driven Defense


Adversarial Analytics and Machine Learning

Our Big Data Analytics platform is custom-made for Cyber Intelligence. We not only have one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence feeds but we also build advanced learning models on your existing event and incident data to help customize our solution to your unique threat environment.

Data-Driven Defense

AudLogic is one of the few solutions in the market that offers proactive prescriptive automated remediation measures on active breaches and advanced persistent threats. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, we integrate seamlessly with your existing SIEMs and SOC workfllows.


Actionable Intelligence Customized for your Threat

AudLogic is the complete cyberintelligence platform. Our goal is to provide specific
and actionable intelligence to your SOC. We accomplish this with deep domain
expertise and data science know-how on our big data analytics platform.

Scalable: built on big data
AudLogic is built on top of a cutting-edge Big Data stack that
solves for the three Vs: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. We leverage
the power of Hadoop to be able to scale petabytes of data.
real-time: detect threats in real-time
Audlogic helps you detect and respond to breaches in real-time.
The rapid nature of exfiltration threats posed by APTs need a
real-time analytics engine to provide an appropriate response.
Intelligent: Adversarial analytics
We built sophisticated Adversarial Analytics and machine
Learning models that learn from your event and incident data to
accurately reflect your threat environment on an on-going basis.
Forensics: search, query, and report
AudLogic provides advanced search functionalities on event
data as well as on model output. Using our toolset, SOC analysts
are able to perform domain-specific queries and generate
incident reports.
Actionable: Data-driven defense
AudLogic provides prescriptive actions for automatic
remediations. This is huge advantage for SOC teams that are
already overstretched.
Collaborate: share insights and intelligence
AudLogic provides a collaborative workflow for analysts and
investigators to track the latest intelligence inputs, share insights,
and work together on incident resolutions.

We are your one-stop solution for Cyber Intelligence

AudLogic is a comprehensive Cyber Intelligence solution for the entire kill chain. Use AudLogic
to augment your SOC with the most advanced adversarial analytics, real-time breach detection,
and automated remediations in the industry.