Strengthen Your Customer

Our next-generation Customer Analytics solution gives you the power to measure and improve
how you work with customers.


Your customers are full of wants

Through the power of data science & big data analytics, understand their wants
better so you can provide what they want when they want it and how they want it.

Predict customers
likely to churn

Provide real-time product and
service recommendations

Drive user-engagement across
channels in real-time

Conduct market basket &
segmentation analyses

Send relevant offers based on
location and past buying

Manage marketing campaign

Anticipate customer demand for

Beautiful dashboards and
self-serve reports – no need to

205 M

Digital shoppers
in the US

69 %

Average cart
abandonment rate

$ 41 B

Lost by brands for poor
customer service


Customers who


Understand, Engage, & Retain

Increase customer lifetime value, create upsell opportunities, and reduce churn, Our comprehensive customer analytics and user intelligence platform integrates Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Marketing Domain expertise to help you better understand, engage, and retain your customers.

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These days, customers have unimaginable amounts of information available at their fingertips - about products, brands, prices, offers, and more. To continue serving your existing customers well, you need to understand their desires from moment to moment.

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Just like the local shop owner who knows what you’d like before you even ask for it, you too can get these customer insights to intelligently present products and personalized offers at the right time in the right context.

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The probability of selling to an existing customer is 50-70% while a new customer’s probability is 5-20%. Existing customers are valuable indeed! Reduce churn by figuring out what exactly makes a customer leave.

See how we help you better understand your customers, engage
them more deeply, and retain them for longer.

We provide rapid proof of concept projects that showcase the power of our
platform and our advanced analytics capabilities in customer analytics. Contact us
to show you how we can help.

our secret sauce

Got Customers?

How can you market, sell, and retain your customers without truly understanding
who they are? Data does not lie, harness the power of BIG data + analytics to
understand, engage, and better retain your customers.


No need to reinvent the wheel

Our customer analytics solution comes with a comprehensive set of connectors to Enterprise CRM systems, cloud-based customer information systems, and social media data – meaning our platform is ready to add value from Day 1. Predict customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn from the get go.

Big Data in a BIG Way

Quantitative > Qualitative: rather than relying on your gut to put together new offers, promotions, & service bundles, our quantitative models prescribe specific, targeted packages that are most attractive to your customers. Decrease marketing & operations costs, and most importantly, increase customer happiness.


Get a detailed, 360-degree view of your customers

Our next-generation analytics solution for Customer Analytics and User Intelligence
uses the latest in quantitative models and real-time recommendation systems to
significantly drive up customer satisfaction and retention. Big data is heavy, let us
do the lifting while you watch your customers become happier.

Scalable: built on big data
Our solution is built on top of a cutting-edge Big Data stack that
solves for the three V's: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. We leverage
the power of Hadoop to scale with your customer base.
Intelligent: Customer Analytics
Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms learn from
your data and help accurately predict Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs).
Real-time: Recommend Right Now
Promote the most relevant and engaging offers at the right
time now. Real-time offers and recommendations are powered
by our advanced machine learning models that go far
beyond intuition.
Actionable: User Intelligence
We provide prescriptive analytics for user intelligence. Use data,
not your gut, to create the next best selling offer or package.

We are your one-stop solution for Customer
Analytics and User Intelligence

Augment your marketing and customer success teams with advanced customer
segmentation, lifetime value, churn prediction, and real-time offer recommendations –
make your customers happier!