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Through our platform, products, and industry-targeted solutions, we bring the entire toolbox to
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A true big data platform

A comprehensive platform that helps you
succeed along every step of the journey: from
collecting the data, to performing analytics, to
visualizing insights and ultimately, taking
data-driven actions.

Sophisticated product lineup

Not just pretty dashboards, though we have
those too, our products are built to last and
grow with you

Industry-targeted solutions

We know not everything looks like a nail - our
toolbox has more than just a hammer.



100 +TB



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Expect to be delighted

Challenges are never one-dimensional, neither are our solutions. We blend professional business
acumen, whizbang data science, and wonderful design to help you out-innovate the competition.

Best in class Hadoop

Advanced analytics

Streaming data

Horizontal scalability

Enterprise grade security

Delightful visualizations

Real-time alerts

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