Actionable Threat Intelligence
to Combat Cybercrime

Stop cybercrime and fraud before it happens, don’t be a victim


Powering the Financial Revolution

Fraud and the ever-increasing sophistication of cybercrime are overwhelming
financial institutions.Coupled with high false positive rates, banks have a burning
need to counter these highly disruptive attacks on their business.


Stop fraud at the source.

Fight cyber crime

Don't let data breaches take down your business reputation.

Stay ahead of Regulators

Compliance, governance, risk monitoring here to stay.

Assess Risk

Weigh risk from darkweb and clearnet patterns

Next-Generation Threat Intelligence

Sourced from the clear and dark web, we track malicious activity and alert you to impending attacks.

ALERT: Get advanced alerts of potential cybercrime
and fraud
TRACK: Track cybercrime activity and discover organized cybercrime rings
IDENTIFY: Identify attack vectors and hacker
ANALYZE Leverage our collection of cybercrime data for forensic analysis

Under the Hood

Our next-generation cyberintelligence solution is built with cutting edge data science

Text Analytics
Deep Learning
Graph Analytics
Artificial Intelligence

Cybercrime Threat Intelligence

Stop Cybercrime in its tracks - discover exploits, detect hacker rings,
defeat fraud and phishing attempts.

Scalable: built on big data
We are built on top of a cutting-edge Big Data stack that
solves for the three Vs: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. We leverage
the power of Hadoop to be able to scale petabytes of data.
real-time: detect threats in real-time
We help you detect and respond to breaches in real-time.
The rapid nature of exfiltration threats posed by APTs need a
real-time analytics engine to provide an appropriate response.
Intelligent: Adversarial analytics
We built sophisticated Adversarial Analytics and Machine
Learning models that learn from your event and incident data to
accurately reflect your threat environment on an on-going basis.
Forensics: search, query, and report
We provide advanced search functionalities on event
data as well as on model output. Using our toolset, SOC analysts
are able to perform domain-specific queries and generate
incident reports.
Actionable: Data-driven defense
We provide prescriptive actions for automatic
remediations. This is a huge advantage for SOC teams that are
already overstretched.
Collaborate: share insights and intelligence
We provide a collaborative workflow for analysts and
investigators to track the latest intelligence inputs, share insights,
and work together on incident resolutions.

Purpose-built to discover cybercrime

Cybercrime Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance